5 Reasons To Book A Companion

25 June 2018

Sharing a moment with someone always makes it that little bit more special. Watching your favourite movie with someone, and being able to point out all your favourite parts, taking someone to your favourite bar or restaurant, and recommending the best things on the menu, it really does make whatever you’re doing more memorable.

The world of escorting brings you nothing but convenience when it comes to finding a companion. If you find that there’s an event you have coming up that you’d rather share with someone else, or if you’re required to bring a date to a friends wedding for example, booking an escort eases the stress of having to go out of your way to meet someone new, when there’s an array of exclusive escorts, ready to keep you company, whatever your reason.

Here, we are going to give you some more information on the reasons why clients hire escorts, based on which reasons are the most popular, so if you ever find yourself needing easily accessible companionship, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not the only one.

Today we're going to go through some of the many different reasons people choose to hire a companion other than the glaringly obvious fact that they are some of the most beautiful women you'll ever see. So without any further stalling, let's get into some of the different reasons starting with arguably the most popular type of booking:

The Girlfriend Experience

One of the most prominent reasons for hiring an escort is the girlfriend experience(TGE). Love is what makes the world go round, and we can never have enough of it. It’s hard for a lot of people to connect with others, yet they do long to physically have a companion. Many people hire escorts for a service known as The Girlfriend Experience, as it is a more bespoke service provided by the companionship industry. This service provides intimacy, on a more realistic level. As you can select the escort of your choice and spend time with literally the woman of your dreams. She will take care to put her maximum effort in making sure to give you all of her attention, make you feel cherished and appreciated. You can do casual things together like have lunch, or go out to see movies and she won’t make you feel as though you’ve booked a service, for thorough authenticity.


Everyone has those pesky “things” that they have to go to. Your manager is getting married and all of your colleagues in attendance have a date. You’ve had nothing but meetings, so how on earth would you have squeezed in time to meet someone who you have an attraction to, and who will make good company. This is where the escorting services step in to save the day! You can book an escort for any type of event, friends’, family, corporate, and you to reassure you; you will get nothing but professionalism. When you book an escort for an event, like the girlfriend experience, she will give the illusion that she is just your date, and no service has been booked. She will make the event a lot more fun for you, and help boost your confidence as everyone there is in awe of your beautiful date.


Feeling out of touch with being intimate and physical with another person is never something that you should be embarrassed about. It’s important that wherever intimacy is involved, you feel comfortable and you know that you’re sure about it. Whether you’ve never been intimate with someone previously, or it’s just been quite a while, hiring an escort will help you get back into the swing of things, with no awkwardness and no judgement. Anything you want to do, or learn how to do will be done at your own pace so that you can feel as though you can confidently be intimate in the future.


Leading on from practising intimacy, once you’ve broken that initial stage, there’s a whole world of naughtiness out there for you to explore. Fetishes are something that we all have, and there are a whole lot of them. Whether you have a fetish for leather, role-play, or you just really like redheads, booking an escort is the perfect way for you to live out all your fantasies. With only the most exclusive, experienced and professional escorts available, you have a catalogue of beautiful women to get close and personal with. Again, you won’t be prone to any judgement as a lot of our escorts specialise in certain services such as being a dominatrix, or who specialises in dress-up perhaps. You’ll find the perfect escort of your dreams. If you wish to experience a fantasy you don't see listed on your desired escorts page don't worry. Simply pick up the phone and tell our helpful members of staff what you're looking for and our team of professionals will do there best to partner you with the perfect companion.

Relationship Progress

It may come as a surprise, but even couple’s hire escorts! Sometimes if a couple feel like they’ve hit a stump intimately, they’ll find ways in which they can spice things up, and bring some more excitement back into their relationship. If you and your partner are willing and comfortable enough (remember, you both need to have agreed to this, to respect each others wishes and boundaries), hiring an escort could help you out of your rut. She can give you and your partner pointers or suggest ideas to help heat things up between you. Of course, things like this are trial and error but your escort will remain professional at all times and consult you both so that no one is left out or disrespected, and will do her best to get you and your other half, back on track.

So there you have it, of course this list isn’t limited to just these five at all. People hire escorts every day for multiple different reasons, but hopefully this gave you some insight onto why escorts are booked, and the usefulness of hiring an escort for companionship. Thanks for reading, and have fun