Bedroom Games

04 June 2018
truth or dare

Here at VIP Nottingham Escorts, we want punters to have an experience they will never forget. Our agency strives to cater booking experiences to our clients every desire and that is what has to lead us to talk about bedroom games. When punters book our Nottingham escorts they already have a fantasy that they want to indulge in. Our escorts are masters of seduction and with bedroom, games can really spice up your evening leaving you begging for more.

So we thought as a fun thing to think about, we could take you through a short list of five bedroom activities you could try with your clients to increase revenue or add as an extra service. So without stalling anymore let's start with the first game:

Truth or Dare

One of the most classic games to ever exist and one of the most straightforward. The rules simply consist of one person asking another person 'Truth or Dare'? Depending on their answer they may have to reveal a deeply personal truth about themselves or participate in an act designated to them that they would never normally do. Sounds fun right? You can apply this game to the bedroom and ask your client truth or dare to learn some things about him and dare him to get adventurous or have him dare you. If you want to spice the game up, even more, you can play spin the bottle as a means to decide who asks the question 'truth or dare'. This game can lead to a lot of fun in the bedroom and add a little playful spice to the entire experience.


This is a service you could definitely charge more for as the time to get ready and purchasing the costumes will require you spending a bit of your own money unless you have arranged with a client to provide the costume. Either way, role-playing is about either forgetting who you are to be someone else or simply pretending to be something you're normally not such as a naughty nurse or a bossy police officer. Role-playing can be fun as some costumes come with kinky props which can creatively be used in the bedroom such as handcuffs with the police uniforms. Alternatively, your clients may have inner fantasies of sleeping with fictional characters from movies such as Lara Croft or the fanboy dream Princess Leia, therefore, you could charge more for this service and get many repeat clientele who want an escort willing to dress up as their favourite characters.

The Hat

The fantasy hat is quite straightforward in the rules of the game and requires little to no prep. You simply need a hat or a bowl, paper and a pen. Each of you will write down your deepest fantasies one at a time on separate pieces of paper before throwing those pieces of paper into the hat and mixing them up. Then one of you will draw out a fantasy and you both proceed to talk about that fantasy until the heat becomes to much and you both submit. This is a great way of experimenting and learning more about your client's fantasies and dreams and what kind of bedroom activities they would enjoy. Remember to state before playing this what you are exactly comfortable with and what fantasies are off limits.

Would You Rather

You may know this game from your childhood or from the rather popular horror film which made waves on Netflix with the same title. The game consists of proposing an ultimatum between two rather less than desirable activities and seeing which one the person would choose. As you can imagine this game can be twisted to be quite a naughty game in the bedroom as you can give your clients an option between what to do to you or have them ask what you would rather do to them. You can take turns in asking each other what to do and this can create a very exhilarating experience for both of you as the power and control is constantly shifted between you.

21 Strip Questions

If you haven't guessed what this is by now you should have. 21 questions is an old game where someone thinks of something random and the other person or people have 21 questions to guess what it is the person is thinking of. The bedroom version is exactly the same except everything a person asks a question that is wrong they must remove an item of clothing. As you can imagine this can prove to be quite the slow, seductive, striptease you didn't exactly intend but hey, that's all apart of the fun. You can think of absolutely anything you want, just make sure you're not wearing more than 21 items of clothing or the game could seriously take a while.

So there we have it, a short list of 5 fun bedroom activities to try with your clients to help you increase clientele, push repeat clientele and add extra services. Remember to only play games you are comfortable trying with the clients you want too and most of all, have fun!