Emma, 23

  • 23
  • 5ft 9
  • 32C
  • 8
  • Brunette
  • Blue
  • British
  • English

Have those long legs caught your eye? They certainly made our heads turn. If you are looking for a girl with a supermodel-like appearance then Emma is the perfect match.

Emma has a stunning, athletic physique that is complemented by her vast range of lacey lingerie. This is a girl who knows how to dress, making her the ideal companion to wine and dine. 

When people meet Emma the first thing they notice is that she knows how to have fun and she is very intelligent. We have noticed from our experience in the industry that intelligent women know what they are doing in the bedroom.

Even the Daily Mail have done a study and claim that "intelligent women have better sex".

So, long legs and great sex sums up Emma in one really. We doubt you would want to miss out on this.

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